Cycle Touring

Cycle Touring, vacation

Cycle Touring is a great way to spend a vacation. You get to see fantastic places, mingle with the locals and enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery while you travel. Europe caters particularly well for cycle touring and is home to some of the Top destinations for cycle tours. Most European countries are very cycling friendly and there are plenty of itineraries to choose from, depending on your interests and fitness level. France is one of the best destinations for cyclists, there is so much to see and as the French love cycling passionately they are very accommodating.You can follow the footsteps of the Tour de France peloton and conquer the Alps, or take a more leisurely and family friendly tour by the pretty and flat Canal du Midi in the Languedoc.

The Loire valley with its fairy tale castles and vineyards is also very popular with cyclists and well worth a visit. Italy has plenty of breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain to choose from too. The crystal clear lakes and the picturesque villages and towns surrounding them are best explored by bike. As are the sleepy rural Tuscan villages or the glamorous Amalfi coast. But a real hidden treasure for cycle touring in Europe is the Aland archipelago in Finland. A cluster of islands, only a handful of them inhabited but many accessible by bridges or short free of charge ferry rides, gives a whole new meaning to island hopping. The terrain is quite flat so it’s easy enough for the less experienced cyclists to enjoy.

The unspoiled nature and tranquility, combined with the nightless nights during the summer months make this a truly magical experience.


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