Travel Guide To Canada – The Perfect Hotspots

Travel guide to Canada - Wide Montreal Shot

Canada is a perfect destination for all those who are planning to embark on a trip. The second largest country after Russia, this nation has risen into prominence owing to its very high per capita income and its charming citizens.In this post I will be outlining a short travel guide to Canada. Montreal is an Island city that is popular for its vibrant multicultural nature and people drawn from different backgrounds.If visiting plan on taking a tour-around the many heritage museums and the famous Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Montreal. If time visit the “Underground city” complete with malls and clubs all connected to a metro station. Toronto needs no introduction, being the hub of arts, this bustling city is home to many prominent Canadians. It also hosts the annual Toronto Film Festival that attracts people from all over the globe. Tourists are bound to enjoy this fashion capital with its beautiful monuments and architectural structures. Vancouver Island on the other hand is where Victoria is located. This British Columbian paradise was listed as one of the Top Ten Island in the World in 2014. The climate is very favourable and supports green vegetation throughout the year. Here, you get to enjoy outdoor adventures, cocktails, beach parties and beer festivals. I also suggest checking out other popular venues such as Nova Scotia, Quebec and the Banff National Park to complete your travel guide to Canada.


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