Slovenia- The Underrated European Destination

Not a lot of people know about the existence of Slovenia. After all, it is a tiny country in Central Europe, and Budapest and Vienna are close enough to steal all the attention. I would not have known about the beauty of the country if I had not chosen to take a loan from (which really takes your mind of all your worries), and that enabled me to set off to Central Europe for a vacation. Slovenia was definitely the highlight of my trip.

The capital, Ljubljana is an absolutely marvellous city. It’s got an old school charm about it, which permeates every single road. But, according to me, the true beauty of Slovenia lies in two places- in Bled, and in the vineyards in the countryside. Bled is a tiny little town, perched over the glacial lake Bled. The sight of this city probably inspired most of the paintings of castles you see in museums. It’s true- the place is unbelievably beautiful- and you have to see it to believe it.

Slovenia Lake Bled

Maribor, in the northern hills, is located in picturesque Slovenian countryside. It is also home to the oldest vine tree in the area (which is part of the draw). There are a number of wineries in the northern hills. Most of them are accessible to the general public but some of them are so up-scale that they only produce a few hundred bottles a year, which are promptly sent off the VIPs and such.

Slovenia is an experience you need to have at least once in your life time. Make sure you do visit- thanks to Payday loans, it might not be that difficult, after all!


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