A visit to the majestic Victoria Falls

I love waterfalls very much and II have been lucky enough to have visited the largest one in the world. I want to share some things which I learned on the trip. The flow of water and the expanse are really awesome. It is indeed the most spectacular waterfall in the world. I had mentioned it in the Waterfalls of Africa post but thought 2 lines do not do justice to this magnificent natural beauty. I also want to share some really interesting facts about this expansive beauty. The first known fact is that it is the rapids of the Zambezi river that causes this waterfall. The river meanders through six countries Zimbabwe and Zambia  getting their name from this river. It is 5577 feet wide and the height varies from 334 feet to 206 feet.This is very unique thing about the river. Some interesting fact about the Victoria falls are:

Moon Bow

Formation of moon bow – This is a unique reflection of water droplets that forms a sort of rainbow in the moonlight. I have actually seen this and it is really amazing. It is just like the formation of the rainbow but in moonlight. It is a spectacle to behold for a lifetime.

Spraying of water for the forests.

Spraying of water in Zambezi rainforest all the year – The spray of the waterfall gives the Zambezi rainforest rainfall all around the year. Never does the spray of water cease. It can be termed as the natural spray of the forest all round the year.


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