Cities to travel to in Canada

Living in Canada I somehow have missed travelling around the my own Country. I don’t think I am the only one who is guilty about that but I rectified that and have done a bit of home traveling to a few cities and explored the specialities there.


Vancouver the young city of CanadaVancouver – A really scenic city with fashion conscious environment which is really infectious. You may find many familiar landscapes even when you have not been there before. Well folks the major hit “Supernatural” has been exclusively filmed in Vancouver. Also you may find some familiar surroundings from “The Twilight Saga”. This gives the name “The Hollywood North”. You can enjoy the best economic deals in fall and spring. There are many things to see in Vancouver like The Stanley park, Granville island and the Queen Elizabeth Park. Enjoy your stay at the exquisite hotels here.

Banff the Switzerland of Canada

Banff – If you are in Canada you can experience Switzerland right here. You just need to go north to Banff. It is a town surrounded by Canadian Rockies and the Banff National park. For an adventure traveller Banff is paradise. You can go skiing down Mount Norquay or hike around the massive limestone pillars “Hoodoos”. You have the option of biking along the Healy Creek. There are abundant options. There are also nice hotels after a day long adventure. You can view the Northern lights also in the evening. So enjoy in the Switzerland of Canada.

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