Croatia Tourist Visa not Required for Canadian Citizens

Croatia is a fabulous country to visit and a Croatia tourist visa isn’t even required for citizens of Canada for a stay up to 90 days. Citizens of Canada can look at for info on new passport applications and Canadian passport renewals.  Found in South-Eastern Europe, for all it offers it is certainly a  tourism oriented country, along with a pleasant climate as well. You get a bit of everything in Croatia – historical heritage with amazing architecture and castles, awesome natural beauty with a number of spectacular national parks depicting fantastic natural phenomena, not to mention marvellous food and a very generous supply of activities and entertainment. I’d say the biggest .tourism potential of Croatia is the Adriatic Sea.

Adriatic Sea

The crystal clear water and the many islands, only a few of which are inhabited, simply encourage tourism. Of course the cultivation of grape vines as well as the production of wine is well known and enjoyed with the tradition of grilling fish straight out of the sea. In fact in the coastal regions of Croatia the cuisine leans towards Mediterranean, with lots of olive oil used in food  preparation. Along the coast and the islands, the fish menus are absolutely delicious, but don’t underestimate the grilled pork and roasted lamb.


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