10 Useful Tips for Travel to India

Travel to India

If you are coming for the first time you will love the experience. However you need to be aware of climatic changes. India extends from tropical climate to temperate climate. Another aspect is the cultural differences in different parts. Dense population is another very important thing you need to be aware. Once you know all these basics the stay here will become easier to adjust and the stay will be magical to say the least.

  1. Passport – Always keep spare photocopies of the most important document – Your Passport. Another way is to keep scanned copies on your email. It is a safety precaution against loss or theft.
  2. Monetary Tips – Giving tips is a normal practice in the West. When in India keep currency of lower denominations like 10, 20 and 50. Giving 50 Rupees is the best option. It is neither too much nor too less.(The people here in India have a general belief that people from other countries particularly US and Europe are well off. So the porter will expect a generous tip. But do not over pay. Maximum 100 Rupees and that are enough.).
  3. On Arrival – The airports here are overly crowded. Then there is the practice of holding placards for receiving guests. Well this is done because drivers coming do not know English mostly. You may feel insecure on arrival. But do not worry! Just try to locate your name on the placard while coming out. Do not get alarmed when you do not find a placard with your name we will find you.
  4. Some Public places and at the Railway station– You might experience something which might be a culture shock for you. Handicapped beggars with sullen faces will approach you for alms at some places. This is normal in India, so just ignore them. If you are generous all will flock to you. If some touch you be firm and tell them to move away.
  5. Be calm if you do not find your pick up escort upon arrival – Somebody travelling along with knowledge of local language is best for you. If you do not find them on arrival, do not push the Panic button. Just make a call at the numbers provided in your itinerary.
  6. Meeting Strangers – Women travelers should take special care to not stay out late. Late means when the streets are devoid of people. So make sure you return to your rooms by 9 pm. It is best if you do not entertain strangers at all. They might dupe you.
  7. Visa is essential on arrival in India – Visa is a must have on arrival in India. Otherwise you might be held up when you arrive. Contact the nearest Indian embassy to apply for the visa. Generally it will take a week. It might vary a little from place to place. Always apply for Tourist visa only. We are just a Yoga center and as per laws cannot offer student visa. The most common duration is a 6 month visa. The start date is when the visa gets issued. Being aware of the above details will help you avoid unnecessary snags in your visit.
  8. Medications and Vaccinations – Getting proper vaccines before arrival is a good practice. However we do not advise on vaccination issues. Vaccination is a long process, and you should take the Doctor’s advice. The standard vaccination when travelling to India should be taken to avoid health issues. Also carry some common medications for stomach disorders which are common here due to the Tropical climate. The best way is to carry a first aid box with all essentials as advised by your family doctor.
  9. Travel Insurance – Travel Insurance is highly recommended while travelling to India. You can get great packages. Just surf the web and you will find that basic packages start from 50 USD onwards. Internet has made it easy to compare and the consumer is the winner. You can also ask the travel agent and sometimes they might offer good package. Do not forget to compare the packages while booking as there are huge variations. Being with a Credit Union in US can help you get great offers too.
  10. Staying here initially –
    1. Always keep valuable articles locked safely. If the room does not have the facility make sure you contact reception for the same. The best is to always carry them on you.
    2. Carry your own towel and also bring some toilet paper. Usage of toilet paper is not so much prevalent here so you might not generally find them in wash rooms.
    3. Have hand sanitizer and wet tissues with you, as you will not always have hand wash facility.
    4. A travel electric kettle is good to have. You can boil water to make coffee or tea as per your need.
    5. After you have landed in India make sure you have a flash light with you. Power interruptions & failures can happen anywhere and this will be useful. Also but some matches and candle for backup from a local shop.
    6. Have a sleeping bag for emergency cases. The Camping sheet lets you sleep in place which is not that clean. Sometimes it may be the case in hotel rooms. The sheet change might take a day or two. The sleeping bag will help in such times.
    7. Check the sheets and towels which are provided when you check in a hotel room. If not there ask for it.

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