Gliding through Barcelona on Segway

Segway Gliding Tour

Segway lets you glide through city with little effort. Easy to learn and fun as an activity too. It is like gliding on the road and you will love it. The tour is roughly two hours and is through the old town capturing the old and new in one go.

Now you must be wondering what a Segway is. It looks like a scooter and is battery operated, and as easy as walking. The machine is controlled by movements of the body, and very easy to learn. It is all about your intuition and which way you want to go, the vehicle will follow it.

Just glide on your Segway and see the amazing Spanish architecture and culture along the way. The tour starts from the Gothic quarter. Gothic quarter lies in the center of the old city. As you ride along you can see the Cathedral of Santa Eulalie, Basilica of La Merce, Church of Sant Miquel, Placa Reial and many other buildings that will take you in history’s lane. The tour passes through the winding streets of ancient Barcelona.

As you reach Paseo Colon the tourney will proceed to the Columbus monument. The Columbus monument is one of the main attraction. It is an ode to Cristopher Columbus the famous explorer, and stands sixty feet tall. A marvel of architecture the spot is one of the most photographed places in Barcelona.

The next stop is Port Vell, the port from where Columbus used to go for his famous expeditions, exploring new lands. It is major landmark in the city of Barcelona. As the tour passes through the old fish market and the sea front. You will get an amazing view of the whole city from the sea front. It really is amazing. Then finally the tour turns around at Olympic Port which is a part of the Olympic village. There are many sculptures the most famous being the giant bronze whale by Franck Gehry. Final part is the Estacion de Francia a major rail station and then the tourney returns back to the Gothic neighborhoods.


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